FileMaker Database Solutions

The Problem

  • Are you still running your business using multiple spread sheets?
  • Does everyone use different versions and spell names differently?
  • Do you need a centralised place to keep all your data?
  • Do you need to control who has access to this data?

The Solution

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a database. The advantages include:

  • Multi-user access with individual or group privileges
  • The elimination of calculation errors as the data entered is separate from the calculations within the database
  • Users can't accidentally use outdated spreadsheets
  • Central storage of contacts and other frequently used data such as equipment / products
  • Faster data entry using auto-complete and drop-down fields
  • Data being in one place also facilitates a centralised backup location
  • The ability to view your data from multiple views - eg:
    • budgets / quotes / sales orders / invoices
    • view all work by / for a contact
    • multiple print layouts for internal or external use

About FileMaker

FileMaker is a mature cross platform database application which allows very cost effective and rapid development of databases, user interfaces and reports. Web access is also available through WebDirect or PHP

See this page for a comparison of FileMaker with other database products for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

FileMaker can also talk to other database systems such as mySQL, Oracle and MS SQL

I am a certified FileMaker developer in versions 11 - 18 with over 20 years experience in developing custom FileMaker solutions for a range of clients. I have also worked as a full time employee of top level FileMaker Developers and IT support companies.

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